Stewardship of the lands we protect is a privilege and a responsibility.  We carefully craft easements and preservation management plans in language that protects the conservation values unique to each property.  The moment we record and easement or a deed with the county, our stewardship begins.

Stewardship tasks are varied and range widely.  In the spring we must clear public trails and properties of winter blow down and other debris. Every other year the picnic tables at Tidal Falls require repairs and fresh coats of paint.  Volunteers are invaluable in these sorts of maintenance.  The State of Maine and Land Trust Alliance requires us to monitor each easement annually.  Whenever we are able, we schedule monitoring visits with landowners to walk their land with them and review the physical state of the easement.  Trained volunteers assist us with monitoring. 

As we acquire more land, our stewardship obligations increase.  All land trusts face this issue.  Through collaborations with communities, a growing volunteer program, and good relationship with landowners, FBC is working to fulfill its perpetual stewardship obligations.