Oliver Crosby’s Memoirs


Oliver Crosby



Having already had a distinguished career as a U.S. diplomat for many years, Oliver co-founded Frenchman Bay Conservancy in 1987. As a gift to Frenchman Bay Conservancy on our 30th anniversary this year, Oliver’s daughter Jane Giles graciously published her father’s memoirs and donated this autobiographical account of Oliver’s remarkable life to FBC for distribution to his and to our friends. In remembrance of her father, and in keeping with Oliver’s strong support of FBC, Jane and we kindly encourage your contribution. Please enjoy a copy of the book.

 To obtain a copy of the book, stop by the Frenchman Bay Conservancy office located at 72 Tidal Falls Road in Hancock. Call ahead to ensure someone will be in the office at 207-422-2328.  Thank you, Jane, for editing, publishing and generously giving the copies of this book to FBC!