Community Conservation is an approach to land conservation that includes more people. Community conservation begins by listening to many different voices in the community — then responding. Community conservation uses the strengths of the land trust to meet needs expressed by people in the community.”—The Land Trust Alliance

Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s community conservation work in Ellsworth continues to grow through a set of unique projects.

Frenchman Bay Conservancy is a lead partner of the Ellsworth Green Plan, a citizen’s initiative involving businesses, residents, and organizations working together with City officials to make Ellsworth a model green community.

The Green Plan envisions an equitable community guided by sustainable, environmentally-informed approaches to growth that ensure that future generations will have access to our land, water, and other resources.

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Branch Lake 1

Year-Round Farmer's Market

Partnering with Heart of Ellsworth, Healthy Acadia, Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce, the Ellsworth Farmer’s Market, and the City of Ellsworth, we’re studying the potential for a year-round public market near downtown Ellsworth.

Think of famous markets like Pike Place Market in Seattle, but on an Ellsworth scale. A year-round market would provide local vendors and businesses a consistent place and audience to reach local consumers.

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