Tucker Mountain

Sullivan, Maine
GPS coordinates: 44.5160713, -68.1866628

This public easement of 121 acres includes the summit of Tucker Mountain and the slopes to the east and to the north, where there is an eagle nesting site and an area of wetlands.

The easement allows for maintenance and expansion of the existing residence, limited commercial harvesting, and requires pedestrian access to the hiking trails. Please respect the privacy of the owners and stay on the trail.

Trail Description

Across Route 1, slightly to the right you’ll see an abandoned section of road (Old Route One).  Carefully cross Route 1 and follow the FBC blue diamond trail signs to the right on the old road.  Do not follow the yellow FBC boundary signs into the woods.  After a short while, you’ll see the FBC blue diamonds indicating the trail up Tucker Mountain.


From the Sullivan side of the Hancock-Sullivan Bridge on coastal Route 1N, drive 2.6 miles to the Long Cove rest area on the right. The rest area has a public restroom, picnic tables and three Schoodic National Scenic Byways interpretive panels.