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“We are so lucky to be surrounded by the many preserves protected by FBC’s ongoing efforts. To have public access to all types of landscapes— woods, lakes and oceans is an honorary accomplishment, allowing people to escape from their busy lives to fulfill, rejuvenate, and force their innate beings. Some of my family’s favorite hikes are the Tucker Mountain and the Jordan Homestead trails. The narrow winding trails bring you to beautiful view-points, past babbling brooks, alongside huckleberry bushes full of delicious berries in the summer, and up to cliffs full of sparkling icicles in the winter. In addition, what makes FBC stand out in my mind is the local community activities and outreach. The Pumpkin Hike at the Jordan Homestead preserve is one such example. The event brings together FBC, family, friends and nature while creating memories that last a lifetime; memories that drive home the importance of these preserves to adults and children alike, and for that I am so proud to be a supporter of FBC, both on the personal and business level. Thank you for all you do!”

—Tara Hartson, Herrick & Salsbury Land Surveyors, Inc.

(Left: Tara & Jesse with sons Noah & Jake)


This area is home to some of our fondest memories—whether they be hikes up Schoodic that take twice as long as they should because we’re stopping to eat blueberries every 6 feet, sprinting into the refreshing water at Donnell Pond on the (rare) hot days of summer or being forced to “wait it out” exploring Bean Island when we beached the boat and forgot that the tide was on it’s way out.  Perhaps the best part is that while we have so many vivid, personal memories of this amazing place, I guarantee anyone who has spent time here has similar memories of their own.  This area draws you in with its unmatched beauty and leaves a lasting imprint on your soul.  We are excited to see our children beginning to create memories of their own in this special place.”

—Mike & Sara Parshley

(Right: Mike & Sara’s daughter Eleanor)

“Having lived away from Maine for over 15 years now, it amazes me when I come home to Hancock and still think it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. In retrospect, I can see that it was an incredible privilege growing up here – being exposed to the joys of nature has stayed with me my whole life, and is hugely responsible for my starting a company dedicated to sustainable living. It’s with great hope for a more conscious future that I look to local, community driven enterprises like FBC to make sure remain the Maine coastline stays intact and thriving for generations to come.”


—Cora Hilts, Co-Founder & CEO, Rêve En Vert, The Platform for Sustainable Living


“I have such vivid and happy memories of sailing to Bean Island for lunch picnics and overnights as a kid, tackling Schoodic trails, cooling off at Tunk Lake, and more recently, taking in live music with family and friends at Tidal Falls. There’s not much I’ve taken more joy in than watching my own kids experience this area of Maine in the ways I always did. Preserving these magnificent places so they can share them with their kids someday is more important to me than I can say.”

—Jessica Christ, Hancock ME

(Right: Max (age 11), Boz (dog), Jess, Amelia (age 8), Bill, Sam (age 3)


“The Jordan Homestead, Indian Point, and Branch Lake Public Forrest are the trifecta of Frenchman Bay Conservancy trails that encompass downtown, Ellsworth. These trails, within a short drive or walking distance of our Main Street community, are an economic driver attracting businesses, visitors, and residents to our city. Trails are community resources that help develop a sense of place, a collective identity, and an appreciation of our heritage and the natural beauty around us.”

—Cara Romano, Heart of Ellsworth


“Having grown up on the south coast of the UK, I have witnessed the negative impact overdevelopment can have on our fragile coastlines. When first visiting Maine many years ago, I was immediately struck by how seemingly untouched and wild it all was. So many beautiful trees, and it was the first time I had seen an eagle in the wild. This was certainly “the way life should be.” However, I realize experiences like this are precious, and as a result, I am keen to protect and preserve them for future generations. Supporting organizations like the FBC will be high on my list of priorities when I am lucky enough to call Maine my home next year.”

—Jamie Neasham


“Throughout the often stressful early days of Fogtown Brewing Company, The Frenchman Bay Conservancy trails have provided an essential outlet for maintaining peace of mind, healthy work-life balance, and appreciation of our local natural treasures: seal, eagles and shorebirds abound! Especially during the pandemic, the Indian Point Preserve and new Jordan Homestead, minutes away from Ellsworth’s downtown, have given me and my employees (and our dogs!) a much needed space for quiet respite and reflection. As Ellsworth continues to grow, FBC’s protection of our natural areas will be increasingly valuable to the health of both our ecosystem and our community.”

—Jon Stein, Owner of Fogtown Brewing Company

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