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Frenchman Bay Conservancy is dedicated to connecting the next generation of conservation stewards to the land you love.

It can be a challenge for schools to include outdoor, place-based experiences into a regular school day, and students ultimately miss opportunities to establish deeper connections with areas not far from their homes.

Place-based educational experiences are important because they build students’ capacity for empathy, verbal communication, resilience, curiosity, and fine motor skills.

FBC’s approach inspires students and their families to recognize the assets of Downeast Maine and encourages them to become engaged citizens in their communities. 

Outdoor School in the News

Learn more about how we help provide place-based learning in nature for students & educate the next generation of environmental stewards in partnership with Maine Outdoor School.

WABI-TV5, “Outdoor Classrooms: Part One”

Partnering with Maine Outdoor School

FBC partners with Maine Outdoor School, L3C to deliver a classroom standards-aligned 10-session program that gets students outside in their own schoolyard and on nearby FBC preserves.

In 2020, FBC piloted this program with fifth graders at Mountain View School in Sullivan. During Trails Tuesday, students explored the woods behind Mountain View School using their senses, played games that mimic the behavior of animals, and practiced being quiet and watchful in the woods. In February, the Trails Tuesday program took a field trip to Taft Point Preserve to learn about the preserve’s history, the carbon cycle, and to hike the Flander’s Bay Trail.

Tidal Falls Preserve Field Trip Program


This program was designed by Maine Outdoor School (MOS) for FBC. The programming is versatile, and can be adapted for groups ages K-8, and can take place indoors or outdoors to accommodate inclement weather. The field trip program is also aligned to several Next Generation Science Standards.  

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