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Restoring Resilience: Tidal Salt Marsh Restoration in Hancock County

Tidal salt marshes are vital ecosystems that provide numerous ecological benefits, including shoreline protection, habitat for wildlife, carbon sequestration, and water filtration. However, these valuable ecosystems face significant threats from factors such as sea-level rise, habitat degradation, and human development.

Join Frenchman Bay Conservancy (FBC) and TNC in Maine for an informative webinar where experts in the field will delve into the importance of tidal salt marshes, the challenges they face, and opportunities to restore this critical habitat.

Participants will also hear, and have an opportunity to share their thoughts, about a new restoration project happening in Hancock County at FBC’s newest preserve, the former Bar Harbor Golf Course in Trenton. FBC staff will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the ecosystem engineering behind the future restoration project, as well as discuss future plans for the property. We hope to hear from you about how we can best make this a community asset! 

Whether you’re a conservation professional, local resident, select board member, student, or simply passionate about environmental conservation, this webinar offers valuable insights and opportunities to support the restoration and preservation of tidal salt marsh ecosystems.

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