FBC Explorer Backpacks

The FBC Explorer Backpacks are ready to rent for the summer 2024 season!

Available to borrow from the Tidal Falls Preserve in Hancock, these kits have everything you need for exploration on FBC trails & preserves.

These kits contain all the materials used in the Intertidal Exploration with Maine Outdoor School and the Ecosystem Exploration with Maine Outdoor School videos!

Using your FBC Explorers Backpack
  1. Reserve a Backpack by emailing our Outreach Coordinator, Jane Parlee, to coordinate a pickup time. Email Jane@FrenchmanBay.Org with the subject line, “Backpack Request.”
  2. Stop by the blue self-serve kiosk to the right of the garage at Tidal Falls Preserve in Hancock to grab a backpack! Jot down your name and the date you picked up your backpack on the sign-out sheet.
  3. Learn & explore with your backpack for one whole week from pickup! Inside you’ll find instructions for using the tools in your backpack, as well as two different scavenger hunt bingo cards!
  4. Return your backpack to the Tidal Falls Preserve kiosk, placing it in the plastic bin to be sanitized & quarantined before it goes out to the next family.


Supplies in Your FBC Explorers Backpack

  • Laminated Activity Sheets to guide your way, with Dry Erase Markers to mark them.
  • A Magnifying Glass to get a closer look at nature.
  • Turkey Baster: use this to suck up some water or tide-pool creatures without handling them.
  • Ice Cube Trays are to separate out animals from the intertidal zone in order to examine them.
  • The Hand Sanitizer Bottle keeps your hands clean out on the trail.
  • A Ruler comes in handy for recording the size of plants and animals you find.
  • Your FBC Explorer Notebook is yours to keep! Write down your observations.
  • Don’t forget the Pencil Sharpener: sharp pencils for sharp minds!


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