Frenchman Bay Conservancy is working to partner with schools and families to ensure opportunities for outdoor education and play are available to children throughout Hancock County.

Educational Programming at FBC is intended to provide learning opportunities for students, teachers, and families in the outdoors, and leverages community partnerships.

Students explore tidepools at Tidal Falls Preserve.

Tidal Falls Preserve Field Trip Program

This program was designed by Maine Outdoor School, L3C (MOS) for FBC. The programming is versatile, and can be adapted for groups ages K-8, and can take place indoors or outdoors to accommodate inclement weather. The field trip program is also aligned to several Next Generation Science Standards

Tree ID

Tree ID at Simon Trail has been popular with Lamoine fifth graders. This activity can be expanded to school groups from any region and at any FBC preserve. 


Outdoor Classroom

Future garden plans for Tidal Falls Preserve may include an outdoor classroom space.

Projects in Collaboration with Maine Outdoor School, L3C:

Trail Tuesdays

This program is being piloted at Mountain View School in Sullivan, January 2020. A partnership between MOS and FBC, this program will provide 10 sessions of outdoor education for fifth graders, including trips to FBC preserves. 

FBC Explorers

This nature club for families will debut in April 2020. Monthly gatherings at preserves provide a community for families who want to spend time outdoors. MOS to conduct 2 guided hikes per year.

Projects in Collaboration with Maine Master Naturalists:

Family-focused Guided Hike at Taft Point

This hike was created by Alice Noyes during her 2019 Maine Master Naturalist program. Ms. Noyes created identification cards created for the trails at Taft Point, identifying native plants, trees, animals, and other important features. 

FBC Coloring and Activity Book

This 20-page book was created by Kenyon Grant during her 2019 Maine Master Naturalist program. The book highlights native plants and animals that are found on FBC preserves. The book is designed to be engaging for a wide range of ages.

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