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Help Us Name the Tidal Falls Great Blue Heron!

August 2, 2023

When FBC’s 2023 Outreach & Education Intern, Michael, started his summer with us, he was expecting to see many visitors while working the Exploration Center at Tidal Falls Preserve. Perhaps even a few regulars that stopped by the preserve to watch the reversing falls.

What he quickly realized is that one of his most frequent visitors, however, was not a person! It was a beautiful Great Blue Heron that frequents the Old Lobster Pond, wading through the shallows, roosting in a nearby pine tree, or soaking up the Maine summer sun.

The heron’s daily visits were a treat, and a few visitors came back to Tidal Falls after an initial visit to simply catch a glimpse of him*. Some even started naming him!

So we decided to host a poll of our own, and invite the community to help us name him! Cast your vote using the poll below:

*We are assuming gender based on the heron’s large size. Great Blue Herons do not display significant sexual dimorphism, aside from the difference in size.