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Project ASCO: Citizen Science Volunteer Training

Schoodic Institute in collaboration with Frenchman Bay Conservancy and Crabtree Neck Land Trust welcome you to participate in a Project ASCO volunteer training on June 26 at 9:30 AM at Carter’s Beach! 

Project ASCO is a citizen science initiative designed to get interested participants into the intertidal zone to collect data on the seaweed known as rockweed– or Ascophyllum nodosum (“Asco”)– while exploring the beauty of the rocky coast. Rockweed is the dominant species in most of the rocky intertidal zone of Maine and provides a habitat for other intertidal organisms. Rockweed is also harvested in Maine, and sustainable management requires knowledge of the total amount of rockweed throughout the state. 

During Project ASCO volunteer trainings, participants learn to collect data on rockweed in the rocky intertidal zone to help answer the question, ”How much rockweed is there?” The data collected by Project ASCO participants will be analyzed and shared by scientists at Schoodic Institute to inform resource management. To learn more about this initiative you can visit https://schoodicinstitute.org/science/marine-ecology-research/latest-projects/project-asco-assessing-seaweed-via-community-observations/ or reach out to projectasco@schoodicinstitute.org

To sign up for the training, visit the following link: https://schoodicinstitute.org/event/projectasco-cartersbeach/

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