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In the News: Hog Bay

At the beginning of December, Frenchman Bay Conservancy announced that it had received a $94,500 grant to protect a 17-acre parcel on Hog Bay in Franklin. The grant came from the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program, as noted on Maine Public Radio “Maine Conservation Programs From York to Aroostook Get Help.” Local papers wrote with . . .

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FBC Awarded $94,500 to Protect Wetlands on Hog Bay

The tidal mudflats of Hog Bay are rich with life. The extensive area exposed at low tide includes natural habitats for horseshoe crabs, waterfowl, and other wildlife. Now a portion of the bay’s forested coastline and valuable bird habitat will be protected from waterfront development. Thanks to a $94,500 grant awarded on November 29 from . . .

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