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In the News: Hog Bay

December 20, 2018

At the beginning of December, Frenchman Bay Conservancy announced that it had received a $94,500 grant to protect a 17-acre parcel on Hog Bay in Franklin.

The grant came from the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program, as noted on Maine Public Radio “Maine Conservation Programs From York to Aroostook Get Help.”

Local papers wrote with more depth on the new property in Franklin. The Bangor Daily News, “Conservation group to buy 17 acres in latest effort to preserve Hancock County shoreline,” and the Ellsworth American, “Grant to preserve Hog Bay property,” both featured articles about the conservation project in Franklin.

The news is also getting positive attention on Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Commenting on Facebook, Brianna said “…I am so happy that the beautiful land that was privately owned will now freely be accessible to the public. It was always beautiful to admire as I drove by, but now I’ll be able to enjoy walking it.”

You can also answers to frequently asked questions about the project on our Hog Bay FAQ page.

Let us know what you think about the new project on Hog Bay. Message or comment on Facebook or reach us by email.