Simon Trail

In Lamoine
Trail Map (JPG)

This 1 mile woodland trail is on an easement on private land. There is an abundance of very large pine along with a variety of ferns, mosses and mushrooms. Good for snowshoeing.

Tree ID Activity: At the trailhead, you’ll find a blank map with numbers marking the location of 12 trees along the trail. Can you identify each tree? After completing the Tree ID Activity, check your answers with our tree ID key.

Directions: On coastal Rte 1N in Ellsworth, turn right on Douglas Highway (Rt 184) and drive 2.8  miles.  Immediate past the Lamoine Town Hall turn left on Pinkam’s Flats Road (Rt 204 which becomes Partridge Cove Rd) and drive 2.3 miles to the Simon Trail parking lot on the right.

Top photo credit Iris Simon