Jordan Homestead

The trail at Jordan Homestead is now open to the public! Check back soon for a trail map.

Directions: Jordan Homestead is located on Bayside Road in Ellsworth, between Lundin Way and Pioneer Farm Way. If coming from downtown Ellsworth, you will see the preserve sign and preserve parking lot on your right.

One of the last remaining wild places along the Union River in Ellsworth

At 31 acres — 3,000 feet of water frontage — and owned by the same family for over 200 years, the Jordan Homestead is more than just another field and forest in Ellsworth.

It’s part of a vanishing legacy.

Click the image below for interactive maps, photos, and the story of the Jordan Homestead.

Jordan Homestead Preserve Story Map
Click above for the story of Jordan Homestead: Conserving a vanishing legacy in Ellsworth (opens in a new window).


A unique opportunity.

The Jordan Homestead is one of the only places in Ellsworth to connect with a nearly forgotten history.

See the original cellar hole from early pioneers.

Walk through a centuries-old graveyard.

Harvest vegetables from a plot that’s been farmed for longer than Maine has been a state.

A property at risk.

Near the heart of Maine’s fastest growing city, no forest, no field, and no tradition is safe from expanding development.  Especially because the Jordan Homestead is one of Ellsworth’s few remaining intact parcels with significant river frontage.

Whittaker Brook flows on one side of the Jordan property and into the Union River. Watch the video above in HD to see the brook’s beauty.

You can move, zoom, and click on features in the map below.


A place for people and nature.

In addition to the rich cultural resources of the Jordan Homestead, your donation will protect the property’s abundant natural resources.

Habitat for grouse, bluebirds, deer, mink, and other wildlife.

Valuable green space near the city.

Clean water and fish runs that benefit from the natural buffer around Whittaker Brook and the Union River.

Thank you for your generosity!

Donations to this project allowed Frenchman Bay Conservancy to conserve this property so that future generations can enjoy Ellsworth’s rural character, access to the Union River, and opportunities to practice Maine traditions that go back for hundreds of years.

Walking on the Jordan Homestead Property
Walking in the field of the Jordan Homestead Property.